Elite speech class


Dialogue mind, dialogue of the world.
Let the world hear your voice, make your language to impress others, opens the doorway and portals in the world, won the individual talent charm shows the world stage. China practice "immersion" pioneers of teaching in English, to cultivate a new generation of talent for the elite culture mission, special thematic training program: "elite Lecture course" cradle nurturing new talent in a professional manner.
in the process of language education and training for many years to promote and implement new teaching methods, with effective training, for six consecutive years to enter the "China top ten famous foreign language training institutions" list. "Elite Lecture course", aimed at mature language teaching based on the human environment, with modern teaching concepts and methods, to stimulate their inherent unlimited potential and creativity, and art forms of self expression, communication world.
speech, is the art of communication, Exchange, giving rise to the force. And life in the workplace, regardless of how many of your ideas and thoughts, no matter how good your ideas and thoughts, inevitably need to superiors or colleagues and friends lit out their point of view and form interaction and others. Excellent ideas and thoughts, are due to have lied, misunderstood, Overfilled one chip, stillborn or is not possible, backfired. And successful good oratory skills cover the thoughtful, listening, presentation, analysis at all levels, is the Foundation of career and life success, and personal accomplishment and cultural quality of synthesis.
elite lecture class, lets you pass from philosophy, culture, conservation, languages and other aspects of professional training, prompting you to master public speaking skills, seize the rational and emotional scales, enhance your artistic content in the speech communication process to help you become a good Communicator.
elite lecture class, using a unique effective immersion-English teaching method, curriculum of scientific rigour to a diverse range of systems to help you grasp the emotions, gain confidence, facing the audience, deliver a successful speech. Whether prepared or impromptu lecture, so that you can maximize grasp your opportunity to show yourself.
conversation heart, win the world. Let the world hear your voice, make your language to impress others, opens the doorway and portals in the world, won the individual talent charm shows the world stage. Elite lecture class, world cradle of talents in the future.
courses: there are 3 modules
lecture class, 12 hours each course per semester for a unit.
module 1: speech writing: how to choose topics; how to organize the speech; diversified vocabulary presentation techniques such as alliteration; metaphor rhyming.
Unit 2: speaking: express emotion; use focus time grasping; stop; body language; gestures; overcoming tension.
Unit 3: speech: accurate; description strategy; listening to questions diversified vocabulary using reasoning and debate.
elite class description: lecture courses include TIE all three courses.
Skills Classes (skills course): helping students improve their English skills, including vocabulary, grammar, listening and basic skills training, for English presentation skills classes and lay a good foundation.
Elective and Workshops (speaking): will be taught according to the corresponding unit of the requirements of the speech will focus on presentation skills (see in particular the "term").
Evening Program (evening activity): giving students more opportunities for impromptu speaking training to enable students to adapt to different accents; contact various thoughts and ideas based on different topics, so as to train student's ability of thinking and blasts, rapidly improve the level of impromptu speeches.
class size: 25 people per class.
recruiting: over 15 years (15 years old) classification system of the English-language ability in English is level 5 or level 5 BACK PAGE