Pronunciation course


Pronunciation, relates to a Word, a language of storytelling, or someone on a Word, a word of expression. Based on various factors, different individuals or groups on the same word or sentence can be expressed in different ways.

GLV pronunciation practice course in addition to the skill learning, speaking outside, GLV will be in each semester (two-week) provided two pronunciation practice courses to enhance students ' pronunciation. Each session will have a corresponding phonetic exercises, students can choose according to their level and needs to participate in the count.
in addition, through pronunciation practice courses, students can also learn and exercises to improve the pronunciation of various words form of expression, for example, vowels, consonants, consonants, stress, intonation, rhythm and difficult to pronounce.
pronunciation practice courses run most of our key objective is to improve the students ' English self-study ability, teachers responsible for pronunciation practice courses will teach the students a lot of pronunciation skills, through a variety of teaching methods to ensure the effectiveness of classroom and interesting, to help their own practice after class, so that students become the best pronunciation teachers eventually. BACK PAGE