What children failed the college entrance examination

1. learn to vent:
depression in the bottom of the pain and sorrow of the University entrance exam, will only make itself over a long period of time under the influence of negative emotions. You may wish to try to talk to their parents and elders, a close friend, even cry in front of them, so as to reduce the pain. You can also hide to a secluded private place to himself alone, or write letters to friends far away, the trouble with the letter post.
2. compensation:
in adversity in the University entrance exam, failed to good advantage, optimistic attitude towards life. For example, in the face of the ridicule of others you can say to yourself: failure is the mother of success, do not experience difficulties there would be no brilliant achievement.
3. enrich daily life:
after failed attack, the frustration of failure, powerlessness and loneliness will discourage people from contact with the outside world, bimensiguo, depressed all day long to bear. This time may wish to take the initiative to increase interest in life, such as getting a job, housework, or develop personal hobbies, walked out of the trough of the depression, and youthful vigor.
4. the lessons learned, development:
stability in emotions, in written form, to their strengths, interests, hobbies, there may be potential social and family conditions, may have resources, and then select and determine the direction of their future development and specific ways.
5. help-psychologist:
born somewhat introverted personality, absent due to mental problems are often difficult to free themselves, and may wish to turn to a psychiatrist, doctor for individual psychological and behavioral therapies to help them out as soon as possible, if necessary, medication.
IBS edit to remind parents that if their children failed the college entrance examination, must be given the proper psychological counseling, led him out of the new low.
first, parents should abandon the "only go to University to become" ideas, help set "absent, foot road" concept and confidence, which helps children to maintain a positive attitude after the University entrance exam.
Second, parents and relatives to create a good family atmosphere.
III, to help children correct analysis of the cause of the failure.
IV, and once parents find their children suffer from psychological problems, and when you can't solve, will take their children to see a psychiatrist, so as to avoid unexpected tragedy.
the University entrance exam, just a turning point; IBS of whole-day schooling in English, Japanese, provides another starting point in life; selection more important than effort. BACK PAGE