English has no basis to start from where

0 basic course including letters, transcription, basic rules of pronunciation, with introductions and greetings, work, transport, shopping, telephone calls and other common topics as a starting point, leads the students easily get started, enhance confidence of learning English.
English has no basis to start from where; which aspect of learning English? Everyday English, computers, English, medical English, English for law ... ... Specializing in a subject to learn.
the purpose of learning English? Listening, speaking, reading and writing?
listen listen;
said, you should always say;
reading, should read;
write, to write. The reason is very simple.
purposes for listening, speaking, reading, and never listening, speaking, reading, bury to write all day. Knowledge in order to apply, from the school of knowledge only for the test--for most students.
the language as playing games, before playing a new game, what you need to do?
, master the rules, this is called in English "grammar." You can try and go directly to a strange game, feels needless – scratching, the result is inevitable: spend more time, more detours and more blow to confidence.
so, please be sure to read through the language syntax, be aware, and officially entered the "game".
"rules", I do not agree with the textbook. Believe that any language has at least one of the classic grammar tutorials, professional.
, learned the rules, is to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing stages. You should listen to English songs, watch English movie, television, read books in English, step by step.
do not need to start accumulating words, as long as when you do these things, identifying white encounter unfamiliar words, simple memories, you can. No need to write it down, keep in mind, and memory key repeatedly, believe that with the passage of time, same words over and over again in front of you, over time, they'll remember, without the need to remember, and for his "memory" is disappointing.
Finally, keep in mind that "it was a difficult start." When you feel unable to move forward when you want to give up, to soldier on, time to "endure" passed, barely done, may be the next second you will suddenly see the light. BACK PAGE