Good what school children failed the college entrance examination

What school children failed the college entrance examination, IBS School of English editing and share with you what school children failed the college entrance examination; IBS has failed the college entrance examination students pointed out that toward the road to success and what school children failed the college entrance examination.
failed the college entrance examination students will inevitably have to bear on a great deal of stress and pain, candidates are likely to show yourself, lose confidence, and self-pity in life, even to the extreme isolation and other psychological symptoms and never recovered. Therefore, candidates who failed the first positive attitude adjustment, take the initiative to go out of the mistaken ideas, admit that failed is fact.
first of all, go out of the mistaken ideas and losing candidates to seriously analyze the reason is they do not work, or did not play during the examination levels, and so on.
after the second, failed to change their attitude, based on the actual conditions of themselves and their families, to choose their own road to continue their education.
, career training for a high school student,
, is difficult in this society can imagine. Learn techniques to learn what now? children failed the college entrance examination on what's the best school? work best and what is the best technique?
these issues should take into account such factors as income and job prospects. For most people understand a foreign language such as English, Japanese, Office Professional job-seekers will be of immense help. Whether working environment, job prospects and income level to understand a foreign language than do not know foreign languages are far more better than General Office clerks.
foreign language training, a lot of people want to learn. IBS international business language school of Guangdong which is definitely the most powerful English, Japanese language training school. Realistic analysis to planning your future self, pros and cons, choose their own development of vocational education, determine direction as early as later in his career, to a certain extent, be more effective in enhancing employability. But IBS trainees who are the mainstay of armies!
Second, self
scores not on-line, the family is not very rich, but I have a strong willpower, candidates can choose to pass self-study exam, get brand-name college diplomas. For self-study examination graduates college diplomas by examiners, and the examiners University is a national key University, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and so on. Candidates who have determined success goals and learning perseverance, full purpose can be achieved by self.
III, "I would also like to test again! The "College dream
– retakes when talking about the pressure to repeat, repetition of one of the students before, as little as possible is 21 years old in some heavy:" with one of my high school classmates, and some have been working for two years, going to junior, I'm still struggling to read. Family advised me to say small, find a vocational school, or with his father runs the transport. I also know that every repetition of a year home to spend seven thousand or eight thousand dollars, carry on father's shoulders not light, but I have no heart! "Four, study
/>" abroad. "This is IBS view of parents to send their children abroad to study. He explained that child after years of examination-oriented education, and fierce competition in the college entrance examination, even if finally got a "University", also failed to learn anything, "now the negative perception of the society for College and university students, some parents send their children with the idea. After all, in foreign countries, regardless of university education or employment, are better than in China. "
" is the competition is so fierce. "Some parents to send their children abroad to study, is because they don't want to let the children hit by the get set for life. He said children after college entrance examination, allowing the child to take IELTS classes and IELTS first down, when the time is right, still want to send their children away. BACK PAGE