Preparatory study abroad how to untangle the worries and pressures of life

Preparatory study abroad how to untangle the worries and pressures of life, people studying overseas, will inevitably face pressure. Students need to constantly adjust their mental, strengthening resilience, through learning, sharing, predictably, transfers and decomposition of stress better.
first, row, ex-ready
about to go abroad to materially, intellectually and psychologically ready. To learn about possible culture conflicts and difficulties, consider how to cope with the linguistic, social and daily life challenges, to go abroad after several "psychological weaning period". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website "study abroad" and "reminded to go abroad" and "consular news" column, published every year involving nearly 500 global security information, is before students do homework and learn the latest developments and considerations of important ways.
the second concern, family strengthening EQ
parents abroad should be fully understood and objectively measure whether their children for walking this path. For younger or closed, more pessimistic child, parents should let what they do receive some psychological counseling. During the study, parents should take the initiative to establish contact with children and their friends, and often, if the find was not linked to the child for a long time, will be on the alert.
third, establishment of new psychological support system
students reached their destination, as soon as possible to understand their environment, establish new contacts and networks, such as students, landlords, neighbors, friends or alumni, clansmen associations, psychological counselling services and so on, these people and organizations become a psychological safety net for help in the future.
IV, optimism, learning to talk
students to establish an optimistic attitude, adjusting their expectations of life and academic, rational and objective, flexible alternative to look at people and things that appear in your life. If you feel the emotions quickly got out of control, psychological safety net must actively seek help, don't shy away from the bitter, whining.
, establish the help channel in order to better protect themselves, students should do people usually, local police, Chinese local Consulate contact information. Meet passport is lost, missing persons, theft, robbery arrest detention conditions, in time to get in touch with local consulates, consulates will provide assistance to vast numbers of students in the area of responsibility. BACK PAGE