"How to learn English" is now active harvest wonders

"How to learn English" is now active harvest wonders, very early when I heard a word "learning on the job, is another State", I think it is justified. But not everyone thinks so, some people think a business English (Forum) courses should have been a great help, in fact, this is a false proposition, because coaching materials are generally common, nothing specific, no works may help to you, may be more appropriate to discipline poor, self-taught friend. You use what works, still need yourself to finish.
here reminds me of a book, author of the English into a foreign company Yang Weikai authors did not go abroad to drink ink, just entered when foreign, English is quite poor. But in a foreign company through into Standard Chartered Bank two years later, directly from the Research Manager, was promoted to General Manager. Into the HSBC three years from the associate was promoted to take over the operations of the Fund to invest in Taiwan and Senior Vice President of the insurance business. His basic point I am very much in favour of this book, "learning" and "learning on the job", the book has many practical learning methods are also very good, interested friends can go buy and see.

reading and writing is another common problem, learn English, spoken up front. Outside of special post, in fact, most of the time, we still use the written word more, such as send E-mail, read relevant information. So advice to everyone is to get the written language and then speaking and listening. A notice complying with European and American reading habits of English resume, is your first step into a foreign company stepping stone.
great way to get written a lot here I remind "sorting and refining" approach. Work habits good friends, have the habit of finishing work documentation. Learning English at work, too, between you all E-mai are classified according to the finish, ask, answer, thank, apologize etc classification, in selected paragraphs and sentences written, make your own standard templates, later used when there is no start, actually can meet your daily transactions. Some friends said I do something special, there are many professional vocabulary, memory words approach, I have said earlier, we can refer to this post.
"to say"
goes on to say that we are most concerned about spoken English problem, you didn't think about, why did you not say? Because some problem, let you with Chinese said, you are hardly clear, so here and need with to we zhiqian finishing of those information, if you long-term accumulated work information of habits, put these information as you of oral textbook, loud of read, slowly absorption into himself of things, brain in not empty has, has things, you on will experience to, opening as God help of feel.
in fact, this is the most troubling problems, work on a lot of things, such as read, write, or even can be prepared in advance, only heard, it is difficult to prepare, talks to people you don't know tomorrow what kind of accent, even if he is the India people, you also have to bite on.
but here some communication of small skills, if you cannot all understand, on caught keywords, especially qualitative, quantitative of, then you can repeat about you understanding of mean, must to spot with he confirmed "ifItakeyourmeaningrightly,youmean..."
If is phone in communication, listening to not too understand, also has a approach is said, "you of mean I probably has understand has, you can to written sent E-mail to I of mailbox So that I can forward it to other colleagues to solve this problem as soon as possible. "
If wants to completely solution listening to of problem, especially specific people of pronunciation (like you boss), most effective of approach is recording, some friends said some occasions not too convenient recording, actually I often in meeting of when, pocket in carried a recording pen, back zhihou again put recorded of things again listening to a again, as dictation down, formed front said of written material. And very important person speak more than a few times, ground ear, get used to the pronunciation. But there's a drawback is your English accents may change. BACK PAGE