European Cup of hot euro English

There are so many exciting things in life, weddings, promotions, and new baby, friends and family gather ... ... Now the European Cup Carnival season, many fans were very excited. Today we will learn how to use English (Forum) the expression "exciting".
1. Thoughts of their vacation keyed up the children so much that they couldn''t sleep.
think of the coming holidays, children are excited to sleep at night.
2. I am really stoked on that movie.
that movie makes me feel excited.
3. Taylor''s band came out and pumped up the crowd.
Taylor's band on stage, people were excited.
4. The match was so wonderful that he was totally carried away.
match is so wonderful, and made him excited.
5. Cordial drink.
coffee is a Coffee is a stimulant drinks.
6. He was so excited he could hardly speak.
he was so excited he could hardly say a Word.
7. The crowd thrilled to the sight of the winning team parading down the street.
winning team March down the street, watched people very excited.
8. Your encouraging words were a real shot in the arm.
your encouragement to me is a shot in the arm.
9. Please don''t get too hyper.
Please don't get too excited.
10. The news was so exciting that itknocked me off my feet.
is very excited at the news. BACK PAGE