12 mistakes on the Chinese people to learn English

A: too seriously
whether certain teachers are university teachers, secondary school teachers, training teachers, they are always just a step, a guide. His teacher is absolutely not the truth, but only as a reference. English is not the same as English teachers in China, experience is not the same, the so-called English learning methods can't be absolute truth, but only as a shared personal experience of learning English, just for reference.
I'm in China, English learning should be the world's largest, bookstore, online, learn English from a wide range of content is really a lot, and even more do not know people who, who, who.
in fact, no matter what English learning methods, no matter which dictionary which is not by machine, if we are not to act in accordance with an effective way to learn a language, and which language would be so easy for us to grasp the hand do?
II: really want to depend on others to improve their English
everyone wants to learn English, but there are good and bad, strong and weak. English no good good people not just envy, there are more questions about learning English. Sharing learning experiences are not wrong, wrong in our time spent in understanding how to learn English too much, but no real English and practice English.
relationship may be due to time, everyone wants to find a recipe for learning English, want to improve your English quickly. But there is no action on ' learn English ', the result can only be superficial, ' English ', and no real ' improving their English.
three: spending too much money on
many people are learning English are spared no expense to buy, buy all sorts of information. Perhaps we want to buy, the more you learn English better. But if I did not take the initiative to learn, does not actively practice English, these resources only to those English people eat or sell books in English investment, lost to their English investment of any significance.
IV: too admiring of the so-called ' English '
with bloggers more and more, more and more people think is an attention-grabbing topic in English, many users start blogging in English. There are a lot of fans. I certainly have not ruled this was a very good exercise ways of writing in English, I don't have any objections. But the problem is that many people see article full of English feel envy. Problem came again, if after learning of English has become their fans, learning English can make people worried, because they do not want to learn some of the well-known English where visitors will know that there are no errors of grammar or Word?
five: that's as big a
some people either saying English is hard to learn, or say they have no talent for learning languages. But why don't we consider those beggar, without any knowledge and culture can learn to speak Chinese so well?
we learn any language you need to think about your own language learning experiences. Follow my parents calling MOM and dad, so we called a number of times a Word has been changed many times to learn to. We communicate with classmates and friends around you, those information and vocabulary and we practiced many times. We read Mandarin, Chinese, say Chinese, written in Chinese, but no one seems to think we ' learn Chinese ', because we are in Chinese. And that is the mother tongue.
language is such, said more and more, naturally. Learn more, naturally increased.
VI: too seriously
exam is characteristic of Chinese education, to test the world, student's lifeblood. Many people learn English test band four exam grades, test band six test interpretation. I never deny the importance of such vouchers for school, important to work. But the flip side, there is no ability even if they passed a professional grade, he did not learn English forever.
seven: too in order to ' learn English ' and ' learn English '
most people know English more and more in demand. There are a lot of people don't know why to learn English. But I find that too many people are just learning English in order to learn English, while ignoring the real meaning to learn English.
English is a language, no doubt is the carrier of an idea. We Chinese people can exchange in Chinese. English as an international language (lingua franca) exchange of ideas throughout the world. Why learn English in order to learn more about was not translated into Chinese, in order to understand more and wider world.
so, I'll ask, we had learned English for such a long time, we see how many original English novel, see the English version of a best seller? Even if they are not, how much we read on the network of the BBC, CNN, Guardian? In English and understand how much in the world of Chinese know about the world? Still we are in English and in English?
BA: want to learn more words
a lot of people think, want to learn good English, words no less. Is parroting the words one by one. Know words will certainly be a good thing. But in addition to exams, writing or reading, in China on the dumb English, we lack vocabulary? According to the English Vocabulary in Use (upper-intermediate, p. 4), to talk to native speakers of English in the usual vocabulary of no more than 5,000. In 45% of English vocabulary in writing only 50 words. Such a vocabulary, seems to be the English word, right? So, did not want to speak good English so difficult, the question is how to put those basic Word skills. And how many people watch those seemingly simple words?
nine: want to learn grammar
If foreigners ask us when Chinese grammar, in addition to linguists other than those, I think no one can explain how. Syntax is the law is summarized, is experience. In Chinese, we just know this is going on, I don't know why the.
English is the same, a certain amount of syntax to help those of us who does not have any English language background to know another language. But without a certain amount of use, the syntax can only be described as a holding plate plate frame.
10: too many excuses to say he did not
while we are learning the language environment in English when there is no English environment, we have to ask ourselves, strolled around the bookstore? Book buy it? English site on the Web and read it? These Authentic English is all around us.
in foreign conditions did much better, because no matter where we are in English. However, if you do not read the words, in English less than where it's going. Even if you don't read English abroad, environment good, English increasing where not to go, because there is too many overseas Chinese. English is bad, so can live well.
then again, is the same as a so-called ' no English environment of China, why are so many people so well of English literature?
11: too eager to
is a language learning needs time and perseverance. A lot of people envy the good English-speaking, but the problem is we tend not to see them behind the price.
action was too little action, don't really always wanted to learn to learn. BACK PAGE