Chinese people learning English well is true

Why do the Chinese learn English well is so
first: learning a foreign language should be pain in mouth! Not listening, not a practiced eye, eye pain no, English is spoken, not written, not learn to read is a lie, understanding is a lie, say it is their own.
languages have a: blurt out! This is the highest State
second language learning: learn English well before: just work hard in the wrong place! Mouth
do = conditioned reflex, but this reflection must be according to the normal rules of English on the line! As we say in Chinese, talk without brains out! Is the realm of spoken English!
the Chinese get so complicated! Many grandparents have never been to school, but can speak good English!
Chinese English trials to 11: practice listening, pronunciation, grammar and reading exercises, translations............!
read: have not learned to say we must learn to run! Say not say here as in postgraduate study English! English most unnecessary, we simply use the English language tools!
end: want to learn more words
a lot of people think, want to learn good English, words no less. Is parroting the words one by one. Know words will certainly be a good thing. But in addition to exams, writing or reading, in China on the dumb English, we lack vocabulary? According to the English Vocabulary in Use (upper-intermediate, p. 4), to native English speakers usually speak English vocabulary does not exceed 5,000. In 45% of English vocabulary in writing only 50 words. Such a vocabulary, seems to be the college entrance examination (Q) exam vocabulary in English, right? So, did not want to speak good English so difficult, the question is how to put those basic Word skills. And how many people watch those seemingly simple words?

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