About Us

Aviva English schools in Ningbo, China's practice of "immersion" pioneers of teaching in English, 14 years have been dedicated to creating the best environment for language learning: daily life in English in English thinking and get on with life. Unique educational philosophy and teaching, attracted from all over the world not only 10 countries, love Chinese culture education of elite teaching peace, also attracted people from South America, Brazil, and Colombia, European Poland, Asia, Kazakhstan, and Japan, and Korea and participants come from Hong Kong, Macao and other regions and countries.
Ningbo yingjie English training school to its excellence of language teaching training effect into Ningbo English training, and Ningbo English training institutions, and Ningbo English training school, and Ningbo learn English, and Ningbo English training price, and Ningbo English oral training, and Ningbo children English training, and Ningbo English training which home good, and Ningbo business English training, and Ningbo adult English training "China ten well-known language training institutions" of column. Over to, yingjie English repeatedly was Awards: "China most with potential ten English training institutions", and "China ten well-known language training institutions", and "best language environment", and "area excellent language training institutions", and "training institutions Media Award" (language class), and "best teaching management award", and "most strong teachers lineup Award", and "2005 degrees integrated strength well-known language training institutions", and "2005 excellent oral training institutions" "2007 degrees students mind in the most with influence of language training institutions", and "2008 China top ten influential brand".
effect achievements reputation, CCTV traveled China column of album, yingjie English as municipal Government of highlights in album in the special recommended; Phoenix TV aspect China, and Zhejiang TV Yanni interview and Guangdong TV social aspect program, brand column on peace of topic reported and special making, demonstrates and spread has peace of culture and development course, publicity has unique of geographical and culture advantage, show has Yung hometown of international education culture features, also shows has private education in of vitality.
is the biggest problem for Chinese people learning English cannot speak, total also burned up like a pot of water. Through the simulation of a pure English environment, grew up in the process of improving the students ' English application ability, unconsciously blurted out in English, like burnt not open water with a fire key. Practice has proved that the closed method using a pressure cooker, is currently the fastest and most effective methods of learning English, is a dose of medicine to treat deaf English.
peace experienced foreign experts carefully selected variety of the latest domestic and foreign language materials, around the clock to provide you with fully enclosed intensive English training. Depending on the actual level of each participant and needs, sets learning in small classes, and subdivided into eight levels. Will teachers assess students every two weeks, and recommended upgrades. Language students and teachers live together in the village, learning activities, inside and outside the classroom, prohibit the use of the Chinese language, to create a pure English environment. A good learning environment, coupled with your full cooperation, I believe you will make a breakthrough in English learning.
Ningbo Aviva English schools "immersive, fully enclosed, all-English" training, language learning into the life, let you dream in English.